Synthetic biological approaches to natural product biosynthesis.

Synthetic biological approaches to natural product biosynthesis.: "Publication Date: 2012 Jan 3 PMID: 22221832
Authors: Winter, J. M. - Tang, Y.
Journal: Curr Opin Biotechnol

Small molecules produced in Nature possess exquisite chemical diversity and continue to be an inspiration for the development of new therapeutic agents. In their host organisms, natural products are assembled and modified using dedicated biosynthetic pathways. By rationally reprogramming and manipulating these pathways, unnatural metabolites containing enhanced structural features that were otherwise inaccessible can be obtained. Additionally, new chemical entities can be synthesized by developing the enzymes that carry out these complicated chemical reactions into biocatalysts. In this review, we will discuss a variety of combinatorial biosynthetic strategies, their technical challenges, and highlight some recent (since 2007) examples of rationally designed metabolites, as well as platforms that have been established for the production and modification of clinically important pharmaceutical compounds.

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(Via Current Opinion in Biotechnology.)

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