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Compiled by Jim Haseloff at the University of Cambridge. SpannerPlantLogo140This site contains details of recent papers and activity in Synthetic Biology, with particular emphasis on: (i) development of standards in biology and DNA parts, (ii) microbial and (iii) plant systems, (iv) research and teaching in the field at the University of Cambridge, (v) hardware for scientific computing and instrumentation, (vi) tools for scientific productivity and collected miscellany.

Similar to the Cambridge-based Raspberry Pi and OpenLabTools initiatives, we promote the use of low cost and open source tools - in our case for use in biological engineering.

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Analyzing and engineering cell signaling modules with synthetic biology.

Signaling pathways lie at the heart of cellular responses to environmental cues. The ability to reconstruct specific signaling modules ex vivo allows us to study their inherent properties in an isolated environment, which in turn enables us to elucidate fundamental design principles for such motifs. This synthetic biology approach for analyzing natural, well-defined signaling modules will help to bridge the gap between studies on isolated biochemical reactions-which can provide great mechanistic detail but do not capture the complexity of endogenous signaling pathways-and those on entire networks of protein interactions-which offer a systems-level view of signal transduction but obscure the mechanisms that underlie signal transmission and processing. Additionally, minimal signaling modules can be tractably engineered to predictably alter cellular responses, opening up possibilities for creating biotechnologically and biomedically useful cellular devices.

Analyzing and engineering cell signaling modules with synthetic biology.: "Publication Date: 2012 Feb 8 PMID: 22325791
Authors: O'Shaughnessy, E. C. - Sarkar, C. A.
Journal: Curr Opin Biotechnol

post to: CiteULike"

(Via Current Opinion in Biotechnology.)

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Online resources, including bibliography, weblinks and posters, for work with the simple plant system, Marchantia polymorpha.

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OpenLabTools: open technology in Cambridge


The OpenLabTools Project is a new initiative for the development of low cost and open access scientific tools at the University of Cambridge. With support from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, student projects include data acquisition, sensing, actuating, processing and 3D manufacturing, see the website.

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